A 124 years young vampire tries to escape loneliness and turns a supposedly also 
lonely woman into a vampire. 

screenplay and idea: Max Rechtsteiner
directed by Frederik Bösing & Vera Kayh

A production by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
OLIVIA   Maria Shtofa
STELLA   Birgit Unterweger
CHRIS   Franz Warnek
POLIZISTIN   Lauretta van de Merwe
POLIZIST   Michael Stiller

screenplay and idea: Max Rechtsteiner
director: Frederik Bösing
co-director: Vera Kayh
DoP: Terry Kraatz
producer: Yasemin Özlü
sound on set: Ton Till Kauffer
setdesigners: Stefana Dilova, Pia Beckmann, Marie Brossmann
lightning: Julia Leber
make up artist: Kira Witte
many more credits following

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